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jTech - Science & Technology Feasibility and Due Diligence 

Science & Technology
Feasibility and Due Diligence 

The first and essential ingredient of successful deep-tech R&D, research projects, and even ventures is synergy between science & technology feasibility and overall business requirements. The latter constrain possible technological solutions and scientific approaches to support functionality, serviceability, and maintenance of a future product. 

Therefore, the careful assessment of this synergy before decision making on investment of human or financial resources is required.

Innovative Product & Its Risks
To assess the synergy between science, technology, and business, I am using my R&D experience and academic research expertise to provide multidisciplinary science and technology feasibility of the R&D project in knowledge intense applications:

Development of sensors for disease diagnostics; process monitoring; environmental monitoring; and quality assurance

Development of sensors based on hyperspectral spectral analysis, colorimetry, and electrochemistry

Sensory solutions for IoT

Nanotechnology and advanced materials for lightning and photovoltaics applications

I am using an approved methodology that is grounds for monitoring global research and technology activities. The methodology suits R&D decision-making personal and investors since both of them require to decide on the time, human power, and money investments.

My work does not eliminate the risk but will help you to understand the potential risks and rewards.

(*) I am not patent attorney and cannot offer any opinions of the legal standing of any patents or patent applications.

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