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jTech - R&D and Consulting

R&D and Consulting

I am solving integrated science and engineering problems in the knowledge intense fields

Development of sensors for disease diagnostics; process monitoring; environmental monitoring; and quality assurance

Development of sensors based on hyperspectral spectral analysis, colorimetry, and electrochemistry

Analytical and molecular spectroscopy

Multivariate and chemometric models

Sensory solutions for IoT

Nanotechnology and advanced materials for lightning and photovoltaics applications

Depending on the task at hand, I adapt my knowledge and experience or perform global academic and technology research to serve my customer’s needs to the full extent.

I can support you in

  • Planning and execution of laboratory research

  • Physical prototyping

  • Proof of concept research

  • Scientific consulting

  • Literature research

To speed up the R&D processes my clients benefit from excellent relationships with various service suppliers: mechanical and electronic design; manufacturing; and service and research laboratory in universities.
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